At Southern Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, our entire team is committed to providing the highest standards of care and a smooth and expedient patient experience. Our goal is for you to feel warmly welcomed when you set foot in our office and know that you are in good hands throughout your procedure and any follow-ups.

As a full-scope oral surgery practice, we provide a range of solutions to help restore your smile’s form and function, and to alleviate any discomfort you experience with your jaw or teeth. We are here to assist with all your oral care needs, always emphasizing your comfort and safety.

Our practice is committed to the latest and most robust clinical technologies. 3-D imaging, virtual surgical planning, and other innovations allow us to reduce procedure times while ensuring more predictable results.

Even more than technology, our practice is defined by the caring nature of our clinical team. We want you to know that we are here to help you anytime. As a surgical patient, you will receive your doctor’s personal cell phone number and an invitation to call or text should any questions or issues arise during your recovery.

We are happy to go the extra mile to provide a smooth, safe, and comfortable experience. Call Southern Dental Implants & Oral Surgery at (828) 358-1583 with any questions.