Being involved in a traumatic accident, whether a car collision or an incident in the workplace, can result in significant facial injuries. These injuries may cause pain, compromise your appearance, or impede the proper functionality of your teeth and mouth.

The team at Southern Dental Implants & Oral Surgery has considerable experience providing intervention for traumatic facial injuries, restoring form and function while minimizing the risk of long-term scarring and loss of function.

Different Types of Facial Injuries

Broken Bones

Traumatic accidents can cause the jawbone to fracture, requiring surgical repair. Our practice boasts extensive experience performing surgeries for facial trauma.

Dental Injuries

A traumatic accident may also involve breaking, displacing or losing a tooth. We can provide full dental restoration via implants and other methods.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Our practice offers knowledgeable care for facial and oral soft tissue lacerations and injuries.

Addressing Facial Trauma

Our practice often sees patients referred to us by a local emergency department. We begin with full physical evaluations, assessing the extent of the injury and performing rehabilitative surgery on an emergency basis. For non-emergency injuries, we may provide an overview of treatment options, then schedule surgery later.

Our goal is always to ensure that you can smile confidently and bite, chew, swallow, and speak as usual. In addition to full restoration of form and function, we also seek to minimize the visibility of any long-term scarring.

You’re in Good Hands with Us

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