Sometimes, a tooth fails to erupt through gum tissue as it should. This tooth is said to be impacted and can have several adverse consequences for your smile and overall dental health. Southern Dental Implants & Oral Surgery has a proven track record of treating impacted canines, moving them into their appropriate place, and ensuring proper form and function.

What Are Impacted Canines?

An impacted tooth is any tooth that cannot grow into the dental arch, whether because it is trapped beneath gum tissue or under the bone. Any tooth can potentially be impacted, but this issue is most common among wisdom teeth and canine teeth, also known as eye teeth.

Impacted canines may be caused by several factors, including crowding, misalignment, or extra teeth in the mouth. Treating impacted canines is crucial, restoring the mouth to normal function and a healthy appearance.

Treatment for Impacted Canines

Your treatment journey will begin with a consultation, during which your surgeon will explain the process, answer questions, and go over different anesthesia options. You will be adequately sedated for the surgery, minimizing physical discomfort or pain. The surgery typically involves a path created for the tooth to be fully exposed. Orthodontic treatment is usually needed to complete treatment, moving the tooth into its intended place in the dental arch. We are happy to work closely with local orthodontists to ensure the highest standards of clinical care.

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